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Four-Mile Lutheran Church Celebrated Its 150th Anniversary, 17 May 1998

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First Presbyterian Church of Mabank celebrated Its 100 Anniversary, 8 September 1996

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Newspaper Chronicles, Mabank, Texas, 1903-1938

We have reindexed the Boatwright article of “Newspaper Chronicle, Mabank, Tesas, 1903-1938.” Now it is possible to apply a “find,” enter the search word and find the item without going page by page. We consider the “find” to be reasonably … Continue reading

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2012 Newsletters added for “Members Only”

The first two issues of the newsletter for 2012 have been added to the “Members Only” section. Click on the Menu item for Members and enter your user name and password to find all the newsletters of the Society since … Continue reading

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The Mennonite Program from The Monitor, 12 August 2012

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Today we have concluded the series of “Where to Write” for Vital Records with the inclusion of Montana and the Virgin Islands.

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We are almost there. We add the States of Washington and Wyoming. That leaves one state and one territory to complete the series of “Where to Write.”

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Reminder: Always Look Down at the Bottom of this Column to Know what this month’s Program will be. Keep informed.

We try to let you know what the monthly program will be. To get ahead of the game, look at the announcements in the menu item, “Upcoming Programs.”

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Alaska and American Samoa were added to the list of places to write for vital records leaving only two states and the Virgin Islands to complete the “Where to Write” series.

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Today it is South Dakota and Idaho that we have added to the “Where to Write” for vital records.

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