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RSGS Minutes added for 2006, 2008, & 2009 for “Members Only”

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1898 Enrollment Listing of the “Terrell Rifles” of the Spanish American War

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Scenes from the 2012 “How To” Seminar

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Muster Roll of Thomas P. Andrews’ Company of Cavalry Posted

Thomas P. Andrews’ Company was organized in Post Oak Grove, Kaufman County, Texas, on 27 June 1861. This muster roll for 29 June 1861 was transcribed from Deed Book I in the Kaufman County Clerk’s Office and posted here.

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RSGS: The First 20 Years

2012 marks the 20th year for the Root Seekers Genealogical Society of Mabank, Texas. After an introductory beginner’s seminar in the summer of 1992, Jim and Corinne Robertson led the interested people in establishing RSGS in the month of September … Continue reading

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Muster Roll of the “Trinity Guard”, July 8, 1861, was added today.

Muster Roll of Captain Obed Vanpool’s Company of Cavalry, the “Trinity Guard” organized 8th of July 1861 in Precinct 7 which was the southwest precinct of Kaufman County and included what are now the towns of Scurry and Trinidad.

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Families and Related Families of Kaufman County

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