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Root Seekers hear about Local Military Memorials

20 Years Ago Is Now 80 Years Ago

Sculpture Gardens & Art Tour in the Upper East Side of Texas
On Saturday, 28 April 2012, the Greater Malakoff Area Garden Club in collaboration withy County Line Magazine sponsored a Sculpture Garden & Art Tour in the Tri-County area of Texas which included the counties of Kaufman, Van Zandt, and Henderson.Fred and Sandy Roché, Doc and BJ Williams, and Bob and Pat Stokes joined to spend the day touring the Gardens and viewing the art provided by the people of the Tri-County area and the Greater Malakoff Area Garden Club.

Field Notes of the 1838-1848 Survey of Kaufman County, Texas
(Although these notes are not indexed, they at times are interesting reading as men surveyed what was called “The District of Nacadoches” in the early years of the Republic of Texas. It was from this survey that the County of Kaufman was drawn in 1848 in the new State of Texas.)

Kaufman County School Trustees & Teachers, 1898 - 1910
This database contains a list of School Trustees and Teachers in the Kaufman County Schools for years 1898 to 1904 as recorded by Marie Reasonover. You may search the data by choosing a year, entering the name of a trustee or teacher or by listing the entire data which will be produced by year


Kaufman County Scholastic Census
There are two data bases of Scholastic Census for Kaufman County included in this enumeration. Both may be accessed from this site. The census for the Pleasant Springs School for the years 1902 – 1905 and the census for Tolosa School for 1924 are complete. The entire Kaufman County Scholastic Census for 1924 is also complete.

The assistance and kindness of the personnel in District Judge Wayne Gent’s office is invaluable in the electronic recording of these records. Judge Gent’s office maintains the originals census forms and has been instrumental in assuring that they will continute to be preserved for future researchers.

Church Rolls of the First Baptist Church, Mabank, Kaufman County, Texas, 1908-1913
These church rollsare recorded in the old records of the First Baptist Church of Mabank, Texas.  They are in the book titled Church Roll and Record labeled 1908 – 1913.  The roll is dated from 1901 t0 1922.  The Record (church minutes) is dated from the first Sunday of October 1908 (October 4, 1908) to June 1, 1913.

The Graduates of Mabank High School
Mabank, Kaufman County, Texas, 1976

The Graduates of Mabank High School
Mabank, Kaufman County, Texas, 1977

The Graduates of Mabank High School
Mabank, Kaufman County, Texas, 1978

Mabank High School, Mabank, Kaufman County, Texas, Honor Graduates, 1916-2011