The Root Seekers Genealogical Society was organized in the month of September 1992.  Jim and Corrine Robertson had very kindly sponsored and taught a beginners class in genealogy during the month of June, 1992.  The Tri-County Library in Mabank was the site of this series of meetings.

Several of the citizens of the Cedar Creek Lake area attended these classes and before the series ended, it was decided to see if there was sufficient interest in forming a genealogical society.  A survey of the class members was taken and it was found that the interest was indeed there.

An organizational meeting was called on August 17, 1992.  It met at the Tri-County Library and Jim Robertson was chosen to chair the meeting.  The group decided to meet the next month and Jim appointed Charles Stevens to present a rough draft of the By Laws for consideration at this meeting.

The meeting on September 21, 1992 was held at the Tri-County Library and the ByLaws were adopted as presented and the Root Seekers Genealogical Society was formed.
(Taken from the Root Seekers Quarterly Newsletter, Vol. 1, Number 1, January 1993)

RSGS:  The First 20 Years (video by Robert C. “Bob” Stokes)