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William & Sarah Werrell: A Rich Heritage. A history of related families presented by Carrie Woolverton

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“20 Years Ago”–a series of articles reprinted from the Mabank Banner of the 1920s and 30s

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Another New Family File has been added by Marian Tillery: “The Milton Jared Tillery Civil War Journal”

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The Confederate Portrait Album

Warren Bassham of Dallas, Texas, has provided images of the Chicle chewing gum company’s Confederate Portrait Album which was given to encourage the buying of gum in order to get stamp images of the generals and government officials of the … Continue reading

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The Family Tree, compiled by Tommy Campbell

Here are 108 pages of reprints of  ”The Family Tree” which were published in The Choctaw Advocate of Choctaw County, Alabama, in the early 1980s. These were weekly genealogical related columns compiled by Tommy Campbell. They are searchable Adobe Acrobat (PDF) files.

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Mabank Monitor Article: “Bragging Rights” on 10/15/12

October, 2012, was the 20th anniversary of Root Seekers Genealogical Society. It was a time of celebration and our annual “Bragging Rights” night. In case you missed either the meeting or the article in the Monitor, we are reproducing it … Continue reading

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Families and Related Families of Kaufman County

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Four-Mile Lutheran Church Celebrated Its 150th Anniversary, 17 May 1998

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First Presbyterian Church of Mabank celebrated Its 100 Anniversary, 8 September 1996

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