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Geneice Morris presents: “Shocking Secrets of American History” at the June 20th Root Seekers Genealogical Society meeting

Please join us on June 20th at the Root Seekers Genealogical Society monthly meeting where Geneice Morris will reveal “Shocking Secrets of American History”. The meeting will begin at 7 pm at the Tri-County Library/Resource Center in Mabank, TX.

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Priscilla Berry presents: “Ferry Farm” at the May 16th Root Seekers Genealogical Society meeting


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Charles Luna presents: “Little-known facts of the Battle of San Jacinto” at the March 21, 2016 Root Seekers meeting

Battle of San Jacinto   San Jacinto Day is the day set aside each year to celebrate the Battle of San Jacinto that took place on April 21, 1836.  It was the final, and deciding, battle of the Texas Revolution … Continue reading

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Margaret Ann Trail sent a companion piece to the Reunion article that may be of interest to many of you.

Napoleon and America As many of you know there was speculation that preparations were being made to bring Emperor Napoleon to America after a planned  escape from exile. Many of his generals, officers, and loyal Frenchmen, along with their families … Continue reading

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La Reunion: The Oak Cliff, Dallas, Texas, colony established in 1855

On the 27th of April, 1855, one traveling from Dallas toward Fort Worth would have been attracted by a busy scene on the right, when a point had been reached about three miles from the river. In the center of … Continue reading

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Another New Family File has been added by Marian Tillery: “The Milton Jared Tillery Civil War Journal”

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The Family Tree, compiled by Tommy Campbell

Here are 108 pages of reprints of  ”The Family Tree” which were published in The Choctaw Advocate of Choctaw County, Alabama, in the early 1980s. These were weekly genealogical related columns compiled by Tommy Campbell. They are searchable Adobe Acrobat (PDF) files.

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Families and Related Families of Kaufman County

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Newspaper Chronicles, Mabank, Texas, 1903-1938

We have reindexed the Boatwright article of “Newspaper Chronicle, Mabank, Tesas, 1903-1938.” Now it is possible to apply a “find,” enter the search word and find the item without going page by page. We consider the “find” to be reasonably … Continue reading

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The Jamestown Massacre, 1622

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