Review-Collin Co TX

Collin County: Pioneering in North Texas

by Capt. Roy F. Hall & Helen Gibbard Hall

This is an excellent county history with a collection of over 200 family genealogies. There are also more than 100 photographs of pioneer families and scenes. The book is divided into 8 parts beginning with the geology of the county, pioneer settlers and their lives and customs. Collin County’s organization and growth with histories of communities, towns, and churches, are discussed in great detail. Penned in the narrative style of a good feature writer are stories as diverse as the one about Spotted Tail, the Kiowa chief who protected area towns from Plains Indian attacks to the story of Audie Murphy, Hollywood hero and the most decorated soldier in WWII.
This volume can be obtained from Heritage Books, Inc., 1540E Pointer Ridge Pl., Bowie, MD 20716, for $48.50 postpaid.