Review-First Alabama

First Alabama Cavalry, USA (Homage to Patriotism)

by Glenda McWhirter Todd

The only organization of Union Troops in the Civil War from Alabama is the First Regiment of Alabama Cavalry. Microcopy No. 276 of the National Archives Microfilm Publications contains 10 rolls of microfilm which includes the compiled service records of white volunteer Union soldiers from Alabama. This volume contains a chapter on General Tecumseh Sherman, reports from the field, and places of death of some of the First Alabama Cavalry Unit. Also Included is an alphabetical roster of the men in this unit and statistical information about them. Photographs of some of the members as well as a full name index are included. Although well researched, the political and personal justification of past actions removes it from the ranks of scholarly works.

This volume can be obtained from Heritage Books, Inc., 1540E Pointer Ridge Pl., Bowie, MD 20716, for $34.00 plus $4.00 shipping and handling.