Review-Forsyth County, North Carolina, by Adelaide Fries

Forsyth County (North Carolina)

by Adelaide L. Fries

This small book of 121 pages gives a detailed history of the people and the establishment of Forsyth County, North Carolina, which is the home of Winston-Salem. This land has had many owners resulting from royal bequests, land patents, and proprietorships. Moravians came from Germany via Pennsylvania in 1753 and settled on a tract of land called Wachovia. Other settlers followed and townships were formed.

The county militia, the Civil War and North Carolina’s secession from the Union is covered. Forsyth County was a place and refuge and supply for the Rebel? Army. Hundreds of men from the county joined the Confederate cause.

Several maps illustrate the evolution of the county. A subject index contains important places, events, and names.

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