Review-History of Augusta County, Virginia, by J. Lewis Peyton

History of Augusta County, Virginia

by J. Lewis Peyton

Augusta County, Virginia, is a county remote from the first scenes of European settlement, uncolonized until 1782. John Lewis, an Irish immigrant living in Pennsylvania, moved with his family to this area in that year. By 1745, the community had grown so large Augusta County was formally created from Orange County. As originally created, Augusta County covered parts of present-day West Virginia, Kentucky, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan and Pennsylvania.

Described in this volume are the industry, progress and good order of this colony. The formation of academics and churches are noted from 1740 and this history continues through the Civil War. Many original records supplement this informative history: a 1768 deed from the chiefs of the Six United Nations, numerous early letters including one from George Washington, and a copy of the Act forming Augusta County.

A section of this book is devoted to genealogies into the 1860’s. There is also a section of biographical sketches and a list of marriages performed between 1785 and 1793.

This edition contains a full name index. It is to be noted that women are listed under both married and maiden names where known.

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