Review-Roane County, Tennessee, by Emma Wells

History of Roane County, TN 1801 – 1870

by Emma Middleton Wells


The records show that many of the men who came into this area of Tennessee before the county was organized were Revolutionary soldiers and their wives were daughters of soldiers of the war. Many were given land grants for services rendered. Their wills show that besides possessing land, slaves, stock and furniture of the best quality, they were well-educated people.

The book is divided into five parts:

  • Kingston and County Tax Lists & Merchants to 1808, Members of Militia Companies in 1855, and Justices in 1819
  • Military Records – Lists soldiers and graves from Revolutionary War through both World Wars.
  • Churches, Academies and Lodges
  • Marriage Records – Beginning in 1804
  • Records of Early Families – This part comprises almost two-thirds of the book

A surname index allows the reader to identify families and find “buried” surnames among the records. The original spelling has been followed in copying the records.

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