More Books for Researchers

More Books for Genealogical Researchers


Wills and Inventories from the Registry of the Archdeaconry of Richmond

For the genealogist interested in searching ancestry from the Counties of York, Westmoreland, Cumberland, and Lancaster, England, this book presents both wills and inventories from the mid sixteenth century.  This presentation is another from the Google book project to digitize old documents which have been long out of print.
The researcher will encounter two problems in the search: Latin and sixteenth century English.
In Dei nomine, Amen. Ultimo die mensis
Domini Millesimo cccc.xlij., ego Johanna Hoton,· de Welles,
compos mentis mere, condo et ordino testamentum. meum in hune modum.
Sixteenth Century English:
Also I bequethe to my dowghterThomisine a pounced Iatyn basyn. Also I give to my dowghter Jennet a playn latyn basinge. Also I give to my dowghter Isabell my best gowne. Also I give to my dowghter Agnes my best silver croke. Also I give to my dowghter Thomisine agirdle with penons and buckle of silver.
 If you enjoy the search and love the success, here is a study worth your time. 


Egerton Ryerson: The Loyalists of America and Their Times, Vol. 1 of 2

 This book was published in 1880 in Toronto and Montreal, Canada, and written by Rev. Ryerson who was the Chief Superintendent of Education for Upper Canada from 1844 to 1876. Rev. Ryerson states in his Preface that he should write
the true history of the relations, disputes, and contests between Great Britain and her American colonies and the United States of America” 
“…The United Empire Loyalists were the losing party; their history has been written by their adversaries, and strangely misrepresented. In the vindication of their character, I have not opposed assertion against assertion; but, in correction of unjust and untrue assertions, I have offered the records and documents of the actors themselves, and in their own words.
“To do this has rendered my history, to a large extent, documentary, instead of being a mere popular narrative. The many fictions of American writers will be found corrected and exposed in the following volumes, by authorities and facts which cannot be successfully denied. In thus availing myself so largely of the proclamations, messages, addresses, letters, and records of the times when they occurred, I have only followed the example of some of the best historians and biographers.”


Egerton Ryerson: The Loyalists of America and Their Times, Vol. 2 of 2

Volume 2 of the Loyalist of America was published at the same time as Volume 1: 1880.