Self Cemetery, Florien, Sabine Parish, Louisiana

Florien, Sabine Parish, Louisiana

The Self Cemetery is located in Sabine Parish behind Hodges Gardens which is on US171 between Many, Louisiana, and Leesville, Louisiana, and about six miles north of Hornbeck. In order to reach the cemetery, it is necessary to pick up a key at the entrance of Hodges Gardens and drive through the grounds to a back gate. The Hodges Gardens employees are extremely helpful and will provide a security guard to direct a person to the correct back gate if needed. After going through the grounds and out the gate, keep to the right and go as far as you can to the cemetery. It is located in a forest of trees and surrounded by a fence

The following enumeration was provided by Inez Pringle of Shreveport, Lousiana, and Maurice and Buster Coan of Anacoco, Louisiana. After the September, 1999, Self Family Reunion, Linda Coan Johnson and Annie Coan Miers, daughters of Maurice and Buster Coan, provided the final enumeration with the inscriptions. Inez Pringle and I both are grandchildren of Dr. Robert Lansford and Lelia Aramintha Tatum Self.

According to the enumeration, the cemetery was established in 1870 when Franklin Dawson and Mary Elnora Sibley Self buried their four year old son, Robert E. Self near their home. a year later they buried their three yearl old daughter, Lula E., beside her brother.

Anna Bell Thaxton Coan Wife of F. B. Coan, Born Aug 19, 1906 – Died March 11, 1926; Inscription:Mother is not dead but asleep
J.F. Coan Feb. 18, 1868 – April 8, 1951; Inscription: Life's work well done he rests in peace
Louise E. Self Coan Wife of James F. Coan, Jan. 29, 1873 – Oct. 28, 1937; Inscription: Life's work well done she rests in peace
Infant Corley Infant son of George Z & Della Corley
Dawson Irby Dowden Born Aug. 20, 1916 – Died Nove 3, 1917; Inscription: Baby; Inscription: Not my will but Thine be done
Ellen Self Dowden Wife of Thos. J. Dowden, Sept. 24, 1861 – Mar. 24, 1926; Inscription: She was a kind and affectionate wife, A fond mother and a friend to all
Infant Dowden Infant son of T C and Ruth Dowden
Jackie Dowden Son of T C and Ruth Dowden, born & died Aug. 29, 1935
Little Abe Dowden Son of T C & Ruth Dowden, April 23, 1928 – Dec. 13, 1928; Inscription: Sleep little one, Sleep
Maggie Dowden Wife of Clyde Dowden, Born Oct 15, 1895 – Died Apr 8, 1918; Inscription: Mother
Thos J. Dowden Born May 1, 1862 – Died May 31, 1937; Inscription: Who walkth uprightly Shall be saved
D. W. Self Born Dec. 21, 1833 – Died Aug. 6, 1895; Inscription: His many virtues form the noblest monument to his memory
Elizabeth J. Self Daughter of F. D. & Mary E. Self, Born Sept. 24, 1876 – Died Mon. Dec. 30, 1878; Inscription: Your weeping above the spot where I am sleeping, My time was short and blessed be He that calls me to Eternity
Elizabeth L. Self Wife of David W. Self, 1833 – 1915; Inscription: Kind Mother of love Thou art gone to thy rest, Forever to bask Mid the joys of the blest; Footstone: ELS
Frank D. Self Born Oct 20, 1838 – died July 28, 1887; Mason
Lela A. Self Oct. 28, 1860 – Feb. 2, 1932; Inscription: Mother; Inscription: At Rest
Lula E. Self Daughter of F. D. & Mary E. Self, Born May 20, 1868 – Died Sat. Aug. 26, 1871; Inscription: Oh! Cease dear parents, cease your weeping, Above the spot where I am sleeping. My time was short, and blessed be He That calls me to Eternity.
Mary E. Self Wife of Frank Self, Feb. 7, 1832 – May 24, 1901
Mattie Self Wife of J. W. Self, Born Nov. 10, 1835 – Died Sept. 22, 1898; Inscription: She died as she lived, trusting in God; Footstone: M.S
Dr. R. L. Self May 13, 1859 – Oct. 4, 1914; Inscription: At Rest; Mason; Footstone: Dr. RLS
Robert E. Self Son of F. D. & Mary E. Self, Born June 6, 1866 – Died Sun. Sept. 25, 1870; Inscription: Oh! cease dear parents, cease your weeping, Above the spot where I am sleeping. My time was short, and blessed be He That calls me to Eternity.
S.E. Self Born Apr. 25, 1855 – Died Oct 9, 1910; Inscription: A light from our household is gone. A voice we loved is stilled. A place is vacant in our hearts That never can be filled.
Sirulie Self Son of S. E. & S. L. Self, born Feb. 2, 1899 – Died Feb. 3, 1899
Sophronia L. Self Sophronia L. Self,Wife of Samuel E. Self, Born Sept 29, 1858 – Died June 21, 1911; Inscription: Heaven now retains our treasure, Earth the lonely casket keeps, and the sunbeams long to linger Where our sainted mother sleeps.
W. Jesse Self Son of S. E. & S. L. Self, born June 8, 1882 – died Aug. 15, 1885; Inscription: Blooming in Heaven
Walter Morris Self Son of R. L. & L. A. Self, Born Sept 7, 1891 – Died Sept 11, 1900; Inscription: Gone to be an Angel
Dade L. Self Slaughter Wife of J. Leonard Slaughter, Born 1879 – Died 1909; Inscription: In Loving Memory
Charles A. Thornton Nov. 25, 1929 – Apr. 27, 1993; Footstone: Charles Arthur Thornton, 1929 USArmy 1933
Elizabeth Thornton Nov. 14, 1933
Unknown Known only to God. (There are at least eleven unknown graves.)