The Sibley House, Florien, Sabine Parish, Louisiana

The Sibley House

Located at the Sibley Cemetery on Plainview Road

Florien, Sabine Parish, Louisiana


According to Rev. Carl Smith of Center, Texas, the present owner of “The Sibley House” and gggg grandson of Reddick Sibley, the house was originally built with a “dog trot” and still has it except that the front and back have been enclosed when the house was remodeled.
In an email message on August 1, 2000, Carl Smith wrote the following:
“The house by the cemetery was built in 1902 by my grandfather, John Coleman Sibley. The original house sat in the same location and from early pictures looked much the same, dog-trot hall, etc., but faced the cemetery. Pappa simply turned it to face the east. My mother, Bonnie Sibley Smith was born in the first house in 1901. As to modifications, when I was working with students, I wired and plumbed it to use as a retreat for youth groups; otherwise, it’s pretty much like it was.
“The place and the cemetery were first established by William L. Sibley (1795 – 1861). William and two brothers, Reddick (1775 – 1851) and Robert Flint (1789 – 1879) came to Sabine Parish from Bullock County, Georgia, by way of the Florida Parishes of Louisiana. William was a Baptist preacher who started a number of churches in west Louisiana. He was the founder of the Torro Baptist Church in the Torro community. William buried his first wife Elizabeth Watson Quilling in Georgia; his second wife, Syrena Bankston Clower in the cemetery on our place. His third wife was Matilda Dendy Stoker, a widow with a daughter named Nancy Elizabeth Stoker.
“Reddick Sibley’s son, Robert Lansford Flint Sibley (1807 – 1875) had a son, John Coleman Sibley (1835 – 1970). John Coleman married his step-cousin Nancy Elizabeth Stoker. When John Coleman died in 1870, Nancy Elizabeth took their two children, John Coleman, Jr. and Mattie Bell to New Orleans where she ran a boarding house until her death in 1874. Matilda brought the two of them back to the farm. The place then passed into the children’s hands with half going to Mattie Belle Dugan and half going to John C., my grandfather.
“Reddick and Mary Allbritton also had John Isaac (1802 – 1877), Mary Ann (1809 – 1889), Sarah, Richard, and Samuel.
“Reddick and his second wife, Elizabeth Holt had Elcey Ann.”
The Sibleys hold a family reunion at the cemetery and home on the first Saturday of October each year.

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