Stokes Cemetery, Greensboro, Hale County, Alabama

Reg and Jean Hoggle, and Pat and I visited the Stokes Cemetery in Greensboro, Alabama. It is a large cemetery, not what I would have considered a “family” one. I had planned to record an enumeration; however, Jean told me that Claudia Holloway of Greensboro had already done so and showed me what Claudia had done. It is well done with inscriptions as well as dates. Everything on the stone is recorded. Since she had made an enumeration and also since most of the graves were very difficult to reach, I requested and received permission to publish the listing on our web site.
Jean Hoggle has sent a transcription of the deed signed by Willis D. Stokes whereby he transfers ownership of the property in Greensboro for the Stokes Cemetery dated 24 January 1854.
While we were in Greensboro, Jean not only shared information about the cemetery, the location of Peter Stokes’ tannery, but information about the family and copies of letters from Peter to Willis and from Willis D. to James Benson, his brother. They are interesting reading and I will share them with you when I scan them. To tantalize you, I will tell you that it seems that there was a question about money and the inheritance.
Here is an update on the Stokes Cemetery:
Jean tells me that she and Reg have cleaned the cemetery, sprayed it with a very strong weed killer recommended by the agricultural agent, and mowed it. She has promised me pictures of the cemetery as it now stands. Also, very important, there are a number of graves which Claudia did not find but which are now visible. Those have been added to the database along with other additions.
Jean wrote this note when she sent the list of additions to the cemetery:
“There were tombstones for graves found after the clearing which were not seen by Claudia Holloway when she made the enumeration earlier. Also included in these additions are inscriptions that Dr. Roland Harper, University Alabama, compiled on May 3, 1934 and are found in Alabama Records by Mrs. Pauline S. Gandrud, Volume 34, Greene County Records, and also from Burials in Stokes Cemetery Identified by Their Tombstones and Information from the Greesboro Watchman Newspaper of Greensboro, Alabama
If you have not contributed to the fund to maintain the cemetery. Please do so. Send a small contribution to Jean Hoggle at 22213 Alabama Highway #25, Greensboro, Alabama 36744. I think we all should help in the maintenance of the cemetery. Unfortunately, the work falls on Reg and Jean because so many of us are no where near. Let’s help in any way we can.

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Deed Transferring Land for Stokes Cemetery to Committee       


Look at the cemetery now!

Here are recent pictures sent by Jean Hoggle.

And here is what it used to look like:

When we arrived at the cemetery, nothing Jean and Reg Hoggle had told us prepared us for the scene we saw. Grass, bushes and weeds had grown up so much that it was next to impossible to reach may of the stones. Briars with vines as large as my finger wound over the graves and throughout the cemetery.


Reg, Jean and Pat are here inspecting
a tombstone broken by vandals.






Wrought iron fence paneling has been
removed and stolen from around a family plot.