Toro Baptist Church, Florien, Sabine Parish, Louisiana

Toro Baptist Church

Florein, Sabine Parish, Louisiana

(Founded 1848)

According to Florie Miller in her monograph, “History of Toro Baptist Church, 1848 – 1978,” on September 21st 1848 a group of Christians settling in this area of Sabine parish met for the purpose of organizing a Baptist Church.
Several members of the Beulah Baptist Church of Washington Parish signed the church minutes of that day as charter members:

Robert F. Sibley
W. L. Sibley
A. K. Addison
Averilla Sibley
Mary Addison
Ann Self

From the minutes of that day:
“State of Louisiana, Parish of Sabine, September 21, 1848, the undersigned members of the Beulah Baptist Church of Washington Parish, state, ‘After holding letters from said church having this day met at Walker Creek for the purpose of constituting a church under the style of a regular Baptist Church and known by the name of Toto.’
“Being assembled with the presbetery composed of Elder D. C. McCalley and Elder W. L. Sibley, aided by G. W. Edwards, this the 21st day of September, year of our Lord one thousand, eight hundred and forty-eight, letters presented and members found to be in order and in fellowship one with another, orthodox in faith, do agree to give ourselves to the Lord and to one another by the will of God in gospel bonds, agreeing to be governed by the law of Christ and do adopt the articles of Faith.”

The church still stands today as an active assembly of Christian people.

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