Civil War Records of Kaufman County, Texas

The Civil War Records

of Kaufman County, Texas

Digitized and Submitted to the RSGS Website by R. C. (Bob) Stokes

No one in his/her lifetime did more to collect and organize information on the families of Kaufman County, Texas, than Marie Reasonover. After her death, Les Reasonover invited Jim Robertson and Robert (Bob) Stokes over and offered her Kaufman County collection of data. Les took us into a room about the size of a small bedroom where he had built shelves from floor to ceiling for Marie to store her many, many volumes of information. These bookcases were packed with volumes of notebooks and several four drawer filing cabinets fitted in the corners and next to her desk. Here was a treasure trove of family files.

Les offered to allow us to take anything we wanted. James and I loaded two automobiles with the files and notebooks. Since the Tri-County Library did not have room for all of the information, we stored it in a closet in a nearby building. Over the next few months, Jim and I started looking through the files and what could be moved to the Root Seekers’ Paula Davis Genealogical Library, we moved.

Unfortunately, we were not able to move all of the files and after a few months, those that were left in the closet disappeared. According to the information Jim gave to me, someone had come and removed them. However, there were many volumes which we had already moved to the library and saved.

Ten years after Marie’s death, Margaret Ann Trail as president of Root Seekers authorized the electronic digitizing of the files. In those files were these records of the Kaufman County veterans of the Civil War. I am not sure that I have found all of the records Marie recorded; however, Here are those that I did find and I have listed them with a link to those that I have posted online. So far, I have located 687 individual records and as time and energy permits, I will post these to our website.