Church Rolls, First Baptist Church Mabank, Texas, 1908-1913

Church Rolls

First Baptist Church of Mabank

Mabank, Kaufman County, Texas

 1908 -1913

     These church rolls are recorded in the old records of the First Baptist Church of Mabank, Texas.  They are in the book titled Church Roll and Record labeled 1908 – 1913.  The roll is dated from 1901 t0 1922.  The Record (church minutes) is dated from the first Sunday of October 1908 (October 4, 1908) to June 1, 1913.

     The rolls were written occasionally with the surname first, all were transcribed with the surname last.  Some eight names were in incorrect  alphabetical sequence.  These were corrected.  Other than these two items the rolls were transcribed as written, unusual spellings and all.