Muster Roll of Thos P. Andrews’ Company of Cavalry, 1861

Muster Roll of Thos P. Andrews’ Company of Cavalry

June 27th, 1861

Captain T. P. Andrews

Muster Roll of Capt Thos P. Andrew’s Company of Cavalry Organized at Post Oak Grove, Kaufman Co., Texas: — Under the Act of 1858 entitled an act to incorporate all uniform military companies; June 27th, 1861.


Captain                           T. P. Andrews
1st Lieutenant               P. F. Paschal
2nd Lieutenant            W. D. Irvine
3rd Lieutenant             Wm. D. Douglas
1st Sergeant                  Thos Hardin
2nd Sergeant               W. H. Henry
3rd Sergeant                G. A. Naill
4th Sergeant                M. K. Laroe
1st Corporal                 C. S. Wells
2nd Corporal               H. K. Fleetwood
3rd Corporal                T. R. Boze
4th Corporal                Mc Farmer
Buglar                             W. J. Dunford
Secretary                      Danl A. Paschal


R. A. Terrell
Jno R Leath
Jno L Irvine
Levi Pickering
W W Gray
O J Gray
J. L. Melton
B. F. Coyle
Jno. G. Moore
Geo. Watkins
Jake Martin
Jo Chisholm
Dempsey Moore
W. R. Brown
Jas Brown
E. D. Fleetwood
G. P. Gardener
A J Paschal
Jno T Dickey
Geo R. Paschal
T. A. Andrews
P. C. Stuart
P. C. Stuart Jr
Jas T. Flkeetwood
Saml Watkins
Z. G. Moore
R P Bills
Ben Paschal
T. A. Waldrip
Wm Eagan
M. Sheppard
Bob Lewis
Jas Alexander
Geo Melton
David Burton
J. T. Burton
A. T. Burton
E. J. Gardner

I Thos Hardin orderly Sergeant of the above corps do hereby certify that the above is a correct Muster roll of Capt Andrews Company of Cavalry, organized on the day and place Specified in the Caption

Thos Hardin
O. S.

Sworn to and Subscribed before me this
June 29th AD 1961
Wm H Barnes  CCCKC

From Deed Book I, Kaufman County Clerk’s Office