Muster Rolls of the “Trinity Guards” Company, 1861

Muster Rolls of the “Trinity Guards” Company

July 8th, 1861

Precinct No. 7, Kaufman County, Texas

Captain Obed Vanpool

Muster roll of Capt. Obed Vanpool Company of Cavalry organized in precinct No 7 Kaufman County, Texas, July the 8th A. D. 1861. Formed under the provision of the military law of the State of Texas enacted on the 15th day of February 1856. Said Company is denominated “Trinity Guards” and ready for active service in the State of Texas as Cavalry.


Captain                           Obed Vanpool
1st Lieutenant              Eligah Elgan
2nd Lieutenant           A. H. L. Daugherty
3rd Lieutenant            James Daugherty
Orderly Sergeant       M. H. Woodward
2nd Sergeant               A. A. Anderson
3rd Sergeant                H. A. Hobbs
4th Sergeant                C. D. Garrett
1st Corporal                H. C. Crow
2nd Corporal              Wm Kimbrell
3rd Corporal                Wm Harmon
4th Corporal                Sam Piper
Buglar                             W. J. Katin


J. B. Bullard
James Duncan
A. Duncan
James Smith
W. T. Stubbs
J. J. Pyle
M. Cowan
M. A. Ingram
A. J. Vanpelt
J. L. Harlow
W. H. Ragsdale
J. G. Kimbrell
John Bullard
W. A. Buchanan
L. M. Smith
Jefferson Fowler
Jno McCuin
G. A. Buchanan
E. M. Smith
George Duncan
J. P. Pope
Elias Williams
Jno Williams
J. M. Robertson
J. F. Robertson
E. L. Piper
J. A. Piper
B. F. Hoffman
H. C. Putin
H. M. Stevens
L. M. Seitz
J. D. Hall
J. H. Thomas
J. D. Brock
W. D. Holbrooks
S. Harlow
J. M. Bowls
—- Kimbrell
David Rankins
David Sharp
S. Barker
J. E. Clopp
J. P. Lawrence
J. M. Littlejohn
P. T. Richey
Levin Clifton
D. A. Empy
Jno Jarvis
W. M. Spiers
C. Lunt
Sam Pyle
J. K. Pyle
Jno Cisco
Thomas White
Texas State Archives, Call No. 636-4