The Terrell Rifles, Spanish-American War, 1898

The Terrell Rifles

Spanish-American War, 1898

F. Leake Shelton, Captain

As we have said many times, Marie Reasonover spent her life studying the families of Kaufman County, Texas, and collecting data about those families. Among her records which were turned over to the Root Seekers Genealogical Society upon her death was this listing of “The Terrell Rifles”, Company E of the 4th Regiment Infantry, Texas Volunteer Guard. We have reproduced these with additional information gleaned from the Texas State Archives of the Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

On April 25, 1898, the U.S. Congress declared war on Spain. Two days before, President William McKinley had issued a call for 125,000 volunteers. The Spanish-American War saw the nationalization of the Texas Volunteer Guard, which was organized into four regiments of infantry and one of cavalry, and designated the Texas Volunteers. A truce was signed in August, and a treaty formally ending the war in December 1898. The Texas Volunteers were de-nationalized in late 1898, and the Texas Volunteer Guard was reorganized on April 1, 1903 as the Texas National Guard.

In these records, we have supplied five pieces of information of each volunteer:  rank, name, age at time of nationalization, civilian occupation, and place of birth.

Muster Rolls
Captain: F. Leake Shelton, 44, lawyer, Terrell
First Lieutenant: Arnold E. Miller, 27, soldier, Terrell
Second Lieutenant: Claude C. Roberts, 21, civil engineer, Terrell

Non-Commissioned Officers:
Quartermaster Sergeant: Joseph C. Martin, 20, jeweler, Paris
First Sergeant: Jarret M. HIcks, 21, clerk, Terrell

Julian T. McLamore, 23, physician, Crandall
Jessie O. Maxfield, 20, laborer, Terrell
Crabb M. Griffith, 21, druggist, Terrell
John H. Holley, 20, clerk, Antlers

Donn Piatt, 29, railroad man, Terrell
Walker E. Bailey, 21, railroad man, Terrell
Wm. A. Spencer, 23, fireman, Terrell
Victor M. Locke, 22, student, Antlers
Thomas E. Sewell, 23, lawyer, Terrell
Robert P. Coon, 21, farmer, Abner
Lud King, 20, printer, Terrell
Frank A. Daniel, 26, clerk, Terrell
Grederick G. Norwood, 29, laborer, Terrell
James F. Ellis, 24, farmer, Poetry

Segurd H. Horne, 25, clerk, Terrell
James C. Hatfield, 18, tanner, Antlers

Artificier: Davis E. Waters, 22, farmer, Terrell
Wagoner: Daniel R. McGinnis, 29, laborer, Sulpher Springs

John B. Akin, 20, school teacher, Poetry
John H. Burkhart, 26, butcher, Forney
John S. Bowen, 21, farmer, Crandall
English C. Brannan, farmer, Poetry
John H. Brown, 21, farmer, Nelson
Walter Browning, 20, laborer, Kosoma, Indian Territory
James R. Bane, 25, farmer, Antlers
Wm. L. Bailey, 19, farmer, Terrell
Daniel R. Burkhalter, 22, farmer, Grand Saline
James H. Bradshaw, 44, brick mason, Terrell
Homer Beavers, 19, farmer, Terrell
Reaves L. Burchard, 22, railroad employee, Weatherford
James L.B. Bell, 26, public works, Houston
Albert P. Clarke, 42, farmer, Crandall
Frank Christian, 29, laborer, Houston
Lawrence E. Dodge, 20, none, Tuskahoma
Wm. F. Daugherty, 31, farmer, Forney
Jack H. Daugherty, 25, electrician, Forney
Wm. A. Darby, 21, machinist, Terrell
Wm. M. Day, carriage trimmer, Louisville
Alonzo Emmert, 23, dairyman, Tomphinsville, Kentucky
James N. Fowler, 23, farmer, Terrell
Walter Freeman, 35,farmer, Louisville, Kentucky
Sam B. Finley, 18, laborer, Terrell
Henry A. Gibbs, 29, clerk, Forney
Thomas J. Greer, 22, carpenter, McCoy
Archie F. Gibbs, 30, merchant, Forney
John Gage, 24, farmer, Terrell
Alexander P. Hanna, 33, farmer, Crandall
Alonza C. Hathocox, 25, farmer, Forney
Charles B. Hobgood, 38, merchant, McGregor
James R. Hawkins, 22, clerk, Jacksonville
Edward A. Hurith, 21, farmer, Houston
Wm. H. Hampton, 22, plasterer, Pittsburg
John A. Kilgore, 20, farmer, Crandall
Marshall Jarrott, 21, laborer, Bowie
Geo. E. Johnson, 30, farmer, Terrell
Lowel M. Johns, 18, laborer, Terrell
Jas. A. Jenkins, 20, farmer, Abner
Josiah Lister, 43, railroad man, Terrell
Robert C. Love, 40, laborer, Selfs
Lonie Lange, 33, carpenter, Antlers, Indian Territory
Chas. J. Massey, 18, none, Terrell
John B. Liston, 22, farmer, Terrell
Harvey Morris, 21, none, Ennis
Hyman Myer, 21, clerk, Terrell
Geo. T. Miller, 18, farmer, Terrell
Geo. A. Munro, 24, engineer, Galveston
Wm. D. McCaw, 25, farmer, Elmo
Wm. D. Massey, 25, farmer, Wichita Falls
W. Nelson, 25, farmer, Abner
Wm. F. Paterson, 23, painter, Terrell
Albert W. Perry, 26, farmer, Ables Springs
Frederick Perry, 40, miner, San Francisco
Robt. H. Pate, 27, farmer, Grand Saline
Robert L. Pringle, 21, farmer, Kosse
Robert L. Pierce, 23, cowboy, Nelson, Indian Territory,
Frank H. Ramsay, 29, railroad man, Terrell
B. Robertson, 18, farmer, Royse City
Thomas H. Reynolds, 19, farmer, Forney
Wm. P. Reynolds, 24, farmer, Donaldsonville
Fenton F. Roberts, 28, farmer, Terrell
Travis Rousseau, 21, laborer, Antlers, Indian Territory
Pollard Ramsay, 21, barber, Terrell
Carroll Rogers, 22, school teacher, Poetry
John Sullivan, 27, farmer, Grand Saline
Sam Sturdovan, 28, cowboy, Butler, Indian Territory
S.G. Sullivan, 23, machinist, Wills Point
Edwin D. Storer, miner, Cripple Creek, Colorado
Rogers Seymour, 23, clerk, St. Louis
Geo. W. Spencer, 24,laborer, McCoy
Luther J. Smith, 22, farmer, Cumby
John C. Taylor, 23, carpenter, Terrell
Wm. T. Timmons, 21, farmer, Terrell
James E. Walker, farmer, Antlers, Indian Territory
Geo. W. Ware, 22, laborer, Grand Saline
Calaway Williams, 22,farmer, College Mound
John A. Williams, 22, farmer, Poetry