Cabbages & Kings

We have added a group of “articles” to our website which may be of interest to genealogists. You will find lists of ships that came to the early American colonies, lists of pastors of churches and superintendents of schools, and rosters of Confederate soldiers. As the Walrus said, “Now is the time to talk of cabbages and kings.” Take a look at the list below and click on the link which may interest you.

All of these items are submitted by members of Root Seekers Genealogical Society in Mabank. Since so many things can be found on Ancestry or through a search engine, we are focusing on original items or items that are of special interest to the individual member but which may be of interest to other researchers as well.

From Tyler to Sharpsburg: The War Letters of Robert and William Gaston, Company H, First Texas Infantry Regiment, Hood’s Texas Brigade

Family Bible Pages

Some Justices of the Peace, Colonial Virginia, 1764-1771

5th Cousin Once Removed

The Church at Santa Maria, Texas. (Video)

Sheriffs of Virginia Colony, 1699 & 1704

Surveyors of Virginia Colony 1699

1629 Jamestown House of Burgesses & Qualifications of Member

2010 Confederate Muster Video

Passenger List of the Ship Lyon to Salem, 1629

Roster of Company D, Precinct 1, Parker Co., Texas, CSA 1864

1945: The Charter and a Report on the San Francisco Conference

1629, A List of Those Who Joined the Salem Church and a List of the Pastors

Charter Members, 1903, First Baptist Church, Pleasant Grove (Now Dallas), Texas

The Jamestown Massacre, 1622

 Pastors of the First Baptist Church, Pleasant Grove (Now Dallas), Texas, 1903-1998