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Elisabeth Lindsay in discussing the value of family Bibles in genealogical research said the following on

“A Family Bible is a Bible containing pages for recording the births, deaths, and marriages of family members. In many homes during the nineteenth century, the Bible came to represent the heart of the home. It was the place tothe family bible hold and store family records and memories. As a result, larger and in many cases very ornate Bibles became available that contained special pages for recording family information. In a time before the civil registration of births, deaths, and marriages, the Family Bible was the place to keep a record of family life events. Even though such events may have been recorded by the church, the family Bible was a personal record that could move with the family.”

For the family historian it is important, as much as possible, that the data include the version of the Bible, the year of publication and the publisher, as well as the location of the original and the family member or society that has possession of the original source.

Originally the task of recording the vital records of birth, death, and marriage fell to the family patriarch; however, in cases where that person could not read or write, the recording fell to the wife, a child who could write, the minister, schoolmaster, judge or any other person who could be called upon to make the entries. Therefore, as with all sources of family data recorded before laws were enacted requiring registration, the data should be evaluated in light of other sources to determine the accuracy of the entries.

Root Seekers Genealogical Society present these family Bible pages as resources for historians to consider in their research.


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