Pastors, First Baptist Church, Pleasant Grove, Texas

Pastors, First Baptist Church, Pleasant Grove (Now Dallas),  Texas

According to the Pleasant Grove Gazette, a publication of the church for its 95th anniversary in 1998, the church was begun in 1903 when Bro. P. M. Murphy who was chaplain at Buckner Orphan’s Home would travel on Sunday afternoons to preach. The information here is extracted from that publication.

P. M. Murphy, 1903
Bro. O’Neil, 1907
T. F. Green, 1908
Bro. Black, 1914
Bro. Alexander, 1915
Bro. Gardner, 1916
Bro. Knight, 1917-1918
W. H. Munstor, 1919-1920
T. P. Nelson, 1920-1923
W. D. Wilbank, 1923-1924
>A. W. Cunningham, 1924-1927
Lacy R. Keele, 1927-1929
>James H. Hunt, 1929-1933
O. T. Wheeler, 1933-1936
Goldman Drury, 1936
R. B. Cooper, 1936-1943
Andrew J. Priest, 1944
W. O. Wright, 1944
Randall Odom, 1945-1958
L. D. Ball, 1959-1972
Alvin R. Hiltbrunner, 1972-1978
Steven Swafford, 1979-1989
Bryan Anderson, 1989-1993
Gary Buckner, 1994-

In 1988, under the leadership of Pastor Steve Swafford, the church collected on one Sunday morning a Lottie Moon Christmas offering of $78,500. From 1980 the goal for missions had grown from around $2000 to the seventy-eight thousand in 1988.