The LDS Libraries presented by Lynelle Moss, 19 November 2012

The LDS Libraries

(Presented by Carolyn Bostian)

On Nov 19, 2012, the Root Seakers Genealogy Society met at the Tri-Country Library Meeting Room at 7:00 pm where Lynelle Moss dicussed the use of the Family Search online LDS Library System for genealogy research. She discussed how to get started by registering and creating a sign-on username and password. This will allow one to view and copy various online source documents. The registering is to comply with the owners of the source documents copywrite requirements. Lynelle called our attention to the fact that there are a lot of How-To Videos, Courses to take, Guides and Manuals and Handouts that can be use to learn all the ways to make use of all there is to offer without ever leaving home. She advises to watch the videos and take some of the courses after you have registered. This will get you strated off on the right foot. She explained that you can tour, write and connect by checking out the Learning Center, Rookie Mistakes, Countries and Forums. A couple of new areas are Inferential Genealogy which is rather than actual written information it comes from what might be “inferred” and also Courthouse Research in which people don’t find what they are really searching for because they don’t ask the right questions.

If you have ever used Family Search in the past, you know that at one time it was limited in what you could explore. You would be shocked how much that has changed in the last few years with the increased digital technology. As of Oct 1, 2012 there were 903,924,396 records indexed and online and more being added daily. She told us that more than 2.5 million rolls of microfilm is stored in the Granite Mountain Record Vault. The contents of it all equals more than 132 Libraries of Congress!

Lynelle also shared Tips for Historical Records Search Tips. She had a very nice handout covering here program and listing and explaining the research tips. She talked about using simple and advanced searches. She discussed using filters to limit your searches in the scope of how many records will be returned. By knowing the data that is contained in any one “collection” you can make your searches better.

Lynelle summed up her program with a discussion of what’s next to come. She says that it is the goal of LDS to continue to make online records and images easier to use and three areas they are working on are:

1) There are 200 digital cameras around the world capturing documents and images constantly and within 2-6 weeks those are posted on Family Search.
2) Digitize more books
3) Allow index correction cabilities

Lynelle left us with her final thoughts that in 2000 only 59% of all the births in the world had been recorded. Now as of Nov 1, 2012, 698.9 million have been recorded with many coming from countries where none have ever been recorded before. You now have 1.99 Billion searchable records online contained in 1311 “collections”. And more are being added daily!

It’s sure a great time to be an online genealogical researcher! And remember it is still “all free”!

Using the Treasures of Family Search

Here are notes and suggestions provided by Lynelle Moss