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Family Files Submitted by Members of the Root Seekers Genealogical Society

Root Seekers Genealogical Society here presents GEDCOM and other family files from the computers of members of the society. GEDCOM is an acronym for GEnealogical Data COMmunication which was developed by the Mormon Church to exchange genealogical data between different programs and computers.  The original plan for these files was to present them in GEDCOM form but with the excellent submissions by members of the Society, we have expanded our offerings to include Adobe Acrobat files in pdf format. Our sincere appreciation goes out to those Root Seekers who continue to share their research with other family history researchers.

GEDCOM files are designed to transfer data between genealogical programs. And as such when one is opened it will want to be added to your family file. They are not designed to be opened and read as a text file even though this may be done. Therefore, before you open a GEDCOM file, you should create a new empty family file. In most cases when you open a GEDCOM file, your program will ask if you want to add the file to your family file. Even if you are going to add the file to your personal family tree, you should first look at it in a newly created file. Don’t take chances by adding the data to your file by mistake. It will not ruin your personal file but it is a pain in the neck to remove all those added people you do not want.
Our Families

We have files of our family to share.

The Life of John C. Porter and Sketch of his Experiences in the Civil War, March 29, 1874

Here is an excellent example of family history submitted by Patsy Cooley. But not only is it family history, it is a personal view of the Civil War written by a Confederate soldier detailing his experiences. There are names of comrades, commanders, places, and dates. If you had an ancestor from Pittsburg, Texas, who fought in the Civil War, this is a starting place to research.


The Descendants of John of Methil of Scotland: The Weems (Wemyss) Family

After many years and an exorbitant number of revisions and trials and tribulations, I have finally decided to include my Weems family files.

We, the Weems family, are descendants of the family of Wemyss of Scotland, the first of whom I have recorded is John of Methil who lived in the Parish of Wemyss, Fifeshire, Scotland, in the late 1100s and who died in about 1202 AD.

It is presented here as another contribution to the vast amount of data that the Roots Seekers of Mabank, Kaufman County, Texas, has gathered over the years. In these pages of our website, there is much but yet, there is room for more.


The Descendants of William Sibley of Dorchester, Dorset, England

William Sibley was born and died in Dorchester, Dorset, England, from 1566 to 1675. He did not immigrate to the colonies in America but two of his sons did come over to Massachusetts Bay Colony in 1629. John and Richard came to America with Reverend  Higgenson’s group. John Sibley is listed on the manifest for the ship Lyon; he also signed the covenant organizing the first protestant church in North America, and he also signed the “Freeman’s Oath.”

This family files is a list of John Sibley’s descendants of whom we have a very good record. Much of the early record comes from church records and tombstones. Then the U. S. Census helps fill in the data after 1790.
This file was submitted by R. C. (Bob) Stokes, who has been a member of Root Seekers Genealogical Society since 1997.


Yesteryears: The White Family of Carrie Anne Wilson Woolverton

The White family history compiled in 1983 by Carrie Anne Murphy includes data on the extended Wilson family connections with the families of Small, Taylor, Hope, Duncan, Taylor, Johnson, Kinnamon, Corrick, Leath, Tillman, and Gould.


A Rich Heritage: The Descendants of William and Sarah Werrell

In this family history folder compiled originally in 1982 by the great granddaughter of William and Sarah Werrell, Carrie Anne Murphy, and updated in 2010 by the first Carrie’s granddaughter, Carrie Anne Wilson Woolverton, the researcher will find the histories of not only the Werrell family but the Fosters, the Lees, the Renos, and the Harbart, Bowen, Rowlett, Crisp, Huett, Kinch, and Tidwell families.

For the family researcher of these families, there is a wealth of information. For members of  Root Seekers Genealogical Society, there is a treasure store of ideas of effective ways to present personal family histories.


Isaiah Bowers, A Gentle Man and His Times

This family file submitted by Carrie Anne Woolverton includes family histories of the Bowers, Johnson, Skinner, Rigdon, and Tipton families. It was originally compiled in 1983 by Carrie Anne Wilson Murphy and has been updated with additional information about the families in 2011 by the first Carrie by her granddaughter,  Carrie Anne Wilson Woolverton.


Hopewell Family History

Another family file submitted by Marian Tillery is the Hopewell Family History illustrating the contributions of this immigrant family to their adopted country. The World War II destroyer USS Hopewell, DDS 181, was named for Pollard Hopewell, Jr, the grandson of immigrant, Hugh Hopewell. Pollard Hopewell, Jr. was killed 1 June 1813 when a broadside raked the quarterdeck of the USS Chesapeake.

This file is a large Adobe Acrobat pdf file which, according to the browser you are using, will open to be read on line or downloaded for off off-site study.


Milton Jared Tillery Civil War Journal

This is the story of Milton Jared Tillery covering as much as is known of his early childhood, his Civil War Experience, and his genealogical lineage compiled by Edgar C. Tillery and submitted by Marian Tillery.

Most of his Civil War experiences was obtained from a book written by W.W. Heartsill, entitled “Fourteen Hundred and Ninety-One Days in the Confederate Army.”  This book was printed by Heartsill himself, in his mercantile and grocery store in Marshall, Texas.  He hand-printed only 100 copies of his day by day diary, no doubt, intending to give a copy to each of the original 100 members of his company, “The W.P. Lane Rangers.”

Milton Jared Tillery received one of the original unbound copies which he later had bound in Shreveport, La., and it has remained in the family.  It is presently in the possession of Judge Claude Williams of Dallas, Texas, a grandson of Milton Jared Tillery.

The genealogical data was obtained from the family bible of Milton Jared Tillery, census records, county court records, church and parish records, and personal interviews.


The Descendants of Jesse Craft Wilson and Lena Marie Bills

Once again, Carrie Woolverton presents a family history of the descendants of her great grandparents, Jesse Craft and Lena Marie Bills Wilson. Here you will find ten generations of family trees, a military honor roll listed by service and wars in which the individual participated, family crests, and other family related items such as personal letters, stories, and pictures. This is another of Carrie’s excellent family books.


The Family of Sammy D and Ruth Ethel Hoover

Here is another excellent family book presented by Carrie Anne Woolverton. This one, like the one written about the Bell family, is well documented with many images, a military roster, family tree, and descendancy file, and a list of family members. You will find information about the Woolverton family, Haralson, Schalchll, Barkowski, Gribble, Johnson and other related families.


 The Life And Times of Preston And Rushia Bell

Carrie Woolverton, a great granddaughter of Preston and Rushia Bell submits this well done family history book which she has drawn from her research. In it you will find family history reports, descendant charts, drawings, photographs, and an index listing family relationships which include not only the Bell family, but Childs, Roberts, Little, Reed, Jensen, Funk, Beane, Franks, Wolfinbarger, Little, Snow and others.

The Zachariah Marion Monk Family of Henderson County, Texas

The Monk family and their related family, the Owens, were some of the early families of Henderson County. This family file is submitted by Carolyn Bostain the great, great granddaughter of Zachariah Marion Monk.

(The above is a family sheet, not a GEDCOM file.)


The Descendants of Henry Tillery

Marian Tillery here presents the descendants of Henry Tillery of the 1600s to the present Tillerys of America.

The Early Stokes

From the Jarl of More to Thomas Stokes, if you want to learn where the Stokes family came from and how they got to England, click on the link here and find out about their connection with William the Conqueror, 1066, Norsemen, and Normandy.








There is room for more!