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Zachariah Marion Monk Family

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My Monk ancestor, Zachariah Marion Monk (my 2 times great grandfather) was married to Rachel Clarinda Owen, daughter of Samuel Tine Owen and sister to David Allen Owen.  Both Samuel and David were among the “First” Court Judges in Henderson Co.TX after having made the trip from Randolph Co, AL, to TX via wagon train to New Orleans, LA and then up the Mississippi River to some point they could get to the other side of the river maybe Shreveport and then another wagon train to Henderson Co., TX. My Rachel and Zach were on this same wagon train with her Owen family.  The Owen family has already been recognized as one of Henderson Co., TX’s first families. The Owen Family is also related to the Knight, Gaunt, Carter, Foreman, and Pace families.

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The Children of Zacharia Marion Monk

Husband: Zachariah Marion MONK
Birthdate: 21 Apr 1830
Birthplace: Georgia
Death date: 11 March 1864
Place of death: Galveston, Galveston Co., Texas
Burial: Civil War – Unknown
Father: Silas MONK
Mother: Nancy DUNN

Marriage date: 07 Dec 1848
Marriage place: Randolph Co., Alabama

Wife: Rachel Clarinda OWEN
Birthdate: 22 Dec 1822
Birthplace: Pike Co., Alabama
Death date: 4 Aug 1889
Place of death: Henderson Co., Texas
Burial: Meredith Campground Cemetery
Father: Samuel Tine OWEN
Mother: Sarah Ward KNIGHT


Child No. 1: Sally R MONK
Sex: F
Birthdate: 1849
Birthplace: Randolph Co., Alabama
Death date: 1851
Place of death: New Orleans, Louisiana
Burial: New Orleans, Louisiana
Marriage date:
Marriage place:
Spouse’s name: none

Child No. 2: Nancy Maranza MONK
Sex: F
Birthdate: 1852
Birthplace: Henderson Co., Texas
Death date: 1928
Place of death: Three Rivers, Texas
Burial: Owen Cemetery, Athens, Henderson Co. TX
Marriage date: 20 Apr 1876
Marriage place: Henderson Co., Texas
Spouse’s name: 1) Jesse J MOON

Child No. 3: Narcissa Cynthia Ann MONK
Sex: F
Birthdate: 5 Nov 1854
Birthplace: Mabank, Kaufman Co., Texas
Death date:
Place of death:
Burial: Owen Cemetery, Athens, Henderson Co., TX
Marriage date: 11 Sep 1866
Marriage place: Henderson Co., Texas
Spouse’s name: William Joseph HESTER

Child No. 4: Sarah (Sallie) Rebecca MONK
Sex: F
Birthdate: 4 Feb 1855
Birthplace: Henderson Co., Texas
Death date: Nov 1883
Place of death: Henderson Co., Texas
Burial: Owen Cemetery, Athens, Henderson Co., TX
Marriage date: 10 Oct 1871
Marriage place: Henderson Co., Texas
Spouse’s name: John Thomas HESTER

Child No. 5: Mary Clarinda MONK
Sex: F
Birthdate: 27 Aug 1856
Birthplace: Henderson Co., Texas
Death date: 23 Jan 1921
Place of death: Henderson Co., Texas
Burial: Owen Cemetery, Athens, Henderson Co., TX
Marriage date: 18 May 1876
Marriage place: Baxter Community, Henderson Co., Texas
Spouse’s name: Lewis Marion Buchanan (Buck) MOON

Child No. 6: Elizabeth MONK
Sex: F
Birthdate: Jun 1858
Birthplace: Henderson Co., Texas
Death date:
Place of death:
Marriage date: 27 Feb 1873
Marriage place: Henderson Co., Texas
Spouse’s name:

Child No. 7: Silas Johnston MONK
Sex: M
Birthdate: 3 Jan 1861
Birthplace: Henderson Co., Texas
Death date: 10 Jul 1944
Place of death: Ft Worth, Tarrant Co., Texas
Marriage date: 27 Aug 1880
Marriage place: Henderson Co., Texas
Spouse’s name: Katie Lou GARRETT

Child No. 8: Zachariah Marion MONK Jr
Sex: M
Birthdate: 27 Oct 1863
Birthplace: Henderson Co., Texas
Death date: 22 Oct 1924
Place of death: Frankston, Anderson Co., Texas
Burial: Wofford Cemetery, Frankston, Anderson Co., TX
Marriage date: 10 Aug 1887
Marriage place: Bremond, Robertson Co., Texas
Spouse’s name: Sarah Ella POLAND

1)Listing from Monk Family Bible of Silas and Nancy Monk of their children and their birth dates. Eldest child and son, Zachariah Marion Monk 21 Apr 1830. Bible in the hands of great grandaughter, Rosie Ola McDowel in AL
2) Excerps from Family Book \\\”David Allen Owen Family History\\\” written by Bonner Fizzell in 1967. Pages gives David\\\’s Parents as Samuel Tine Owen and Sarah Ward Knight and lists their children: David A Owen was one and his sister was Rebecca Clarinda Owen b. 22 Dec 1822 and says she married Zachariah Marion Monk on 07 Dec 1848. The Samuel Tine Owen Family Group Sheet in Henderson Co., TX online lists the same information on the web site.
3) 1850 AL, Randolph Co. census lists Zach and Rachel and their first child Sallie. Living around her Owen family, parents and grandparents and brothers and sisters and aunts and uncles.
4) Zach and Rachel come to TX with Parents and family on wagon train and arrive in Henderson Co., very late 1850 or early 1851.
5) First instance of Zach paying taxes in Henderson Co. is 1852 from the Henderson Co, TX tax schedule.
6) 1856 Map of Henderson Co. purchased from the state shows owners of land by name and Zach Monk is on acreage in the Community of Baxter, east of Athens, in Henderson Co., TX.
7) From book \\\”Defenders by Leila Reeves Eads, A Confederate History of Henderson County, TX\\\” pgs 9-10 states that the G.P. Pates Company was formed in County Precinct Seven. Also states that the Microfilm roll number 528 on file in the Texas State Archives records \\\”A roll of Capt. G. P. Pates Company, Beat No. 7, Henderson County, Texas as a reserve company\\\”. T he names of the men and officers are as follows: Pg 10 lists the names and the 21st private on the roll is Z.M. Monk. D.A. Owens certifided that the Muster Roll was correct as of 11 July 1861. (D.A. Owens was Rebecca\\\’s brother, the one mentioned in (2) and about whom the book was written.
8) A copy of Z. M. Monk\\\’s Confederate Service Record (M227 roll 26) gives the following information: Z.M. Monk enlisted 25 July 1862 in Co. D, Cook\\\’s Reg\\\’t Heavy Art\\\’y as a Private from Henderson Co., TX. He experiences two bouts of illness, the first Nov-Dec of 1862 Sick in Hospital in Houston, TX. He was given a sick furlough for 60 days (Mar & Apr 1863) He apparently was too ill to return until Nov 1863 to Galveston, TX. His record says he returns from \\\”disertion\\\”. He goes into Galveston Hospital on Nov 24, 1863 and is there until he dies on 11 Mar 1964. It says he dies from disease Surdisas. (?)un known what that is
9) While he was on sick furlough he apparently sold some land, 160 acres on 08 Sep 1863 in Henderson Co., per Texas Land Title Abstract File 1016, Patent #214, Patent Volume 33, Class Hou.3rd. Z.M. Monk to T. J. Mathews.
10) He had previously sold 160 acres to the same T. J. Mathews on 07 Oct. 1859 in Henderson Co., TX, File 1016, Patent# 58, Patent Volume 28, Class Hou. 3rd.
11) Z.M. and 8 dependants were listed on a list of families of indigent soldiers of Henderson Co., TX dated 15 Dec 1863.
12) After Z.M.Monk\\\’s death his widow, Rachel C Monk and family continued to live in Henderson Co., TX as they are on the 1870 and 1880 census. Rachel died 24 Oct 1889 per the source in (2) and copy of her tombstone.
13) The list of Z.M. Monk and Rachel\\\’s children are taken from a Monk Family Genealogy prepared by Wanda Norris Coker in Lake Jackson, TX and a copy given to my mother. I have verified many of the children with death certificates, copies of tombstones and marriage licenses.