1940 Census Introduction

Introduction to the 1940 Census


I really think you will enjoy this. It is a short movie introducing the 1940 census. Was it made in 2012? Nope! It was the movie made in 1940 introducing the country and especially the enumerators to the census, the process, its purpose, and its importance. Some of it is funny when you view it in light of what genealogists know about the census. But accept it in light of what other people (especially in 1940) knew.

This is the first of series of movies that will be added to our website this week. There is a lot of knowledge available here for those who search the census. Remember there is a lot more than just names, age, sex, and place of birth.

[quicktime  background=”transparent” width=”500%” height=”500px” autoPlay=”1″ ]http://rootseekers.org/wp-content/uploads/2012/06/1940-census-intro.mp4[/quicktime]

Session #1: “The 1940 Census Introduction”
Session #2: “The 1940 Census of Population
Session #3: “The 1940 Census of Agriculture
Session #4: “The 1940 Census of Housing
Session #5: “Panel: Advanced Technologies for Exploiting Census Data