1940 Census of Population

1940: The Population Census

This is the second of series of movies that will be added to our website this week. There is a lot of knowledge available here for those who search the census. Remember there is a lot more than just names, age, sex, and place of birth.

There are five videos in this series and they are available at the National Archives if you can find them. However, I have recorded them and they are here for you to see. Four are short and directed to the enumerators in 1940. The last one is about an hour long and is a seminar about the technology being used to develop search engines for the census. It is of interest more to technical people than to novices like us.

[quicktime  background=”transparent” width=”500%” height=”500px” autoPlay=”1″ ]http://rootseekers.org/wp-content/uploads/2012/06/1940-census-of-population.mp4[/quicktime]

Session #1: “The 1940 Census Introduction
Session #2: “The 1940 Census of Population”
Session #3: “The 1940 Census of Agriculture
Session #4: “The 1940 Census of Housing
Session #5: “Panel: Advanced Technologies for Exploiting Census Data