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If you have not noticed lately, Bob Stokes is getting up in years. I have just had my 85th birthday last month and Stella Sikes has agreed to take over the web site for Root Seekers. She has already started cleaning up some of my mess and doing an outstanding job. This morning we uploaded about 240 new obituaries to the Kaufman County Database. I am requesting that at the next meeting, she be appointed the WebMaster (?) Mistress(?). If you want to continue the website, you must give her your support. That means that you will submit articles to her just as you do to Patsy for the Newsletter. That is another person to congratulate. I have been missing the Newsletter and want to say to Patsy that this issue is well done. Thank both of you, Stella and Patsy, for the work you are doing.

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Randy Mayeau once again discusses with the residents of Brookdale Club Hill in Garland, Texas, on December 15, 2014, the news of the week. This discussion includes “race in America and polarization,” sex bias in salaries, the Sony internet attack, terrorism, torture, political influence and access, and, of course, the price of oil and its impact on the economy.

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